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We take pride in the projects we deliver and we trust that they solve complex, high volume problems. Some of these projects stand out and as such, we want to tell you their story. Take a look.

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Aurum Energie

Aurum’s main product is a home energy monitoring system that allows people and businesses to monitor the electricity, gas and solar energy usage of their homes. Aurum sensors are attached on the electricity and gas meters on premises and send real time usage information to the Aurum cloud via the Internet.

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AgileXS Application

AgileXS offers an innovative product for vending machine stock and analytics. The company installs a communication module in every vending machine that communicates efficiently with it’s cloud solution over the GSM or other kind of networks.

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Farmaceutisch Diensten Centrum

FDC is a dutch pharma logistic company that automates medicine delivery end to end from pharmacists to end patients. Individual patient prescriptions are retrieved automatically from doctors or pharmacists, and the warehouse robots prepare individual tablets pouches for each patient for each daily intake.

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Europeana Creative

The Europeana Creative project is a european funded project that involves many cultural institutions and software parties across EU. The goal of the project is to harvest and classify the huge amount of digital heritage artifacts from many cultural institutes in Europe.

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