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We're a fast growing company constantly looking for people with skills of very high quality and a rich experience in software development. Beyond that, we want to work with people who have a real passion for the job, motivated folks who feel a deep sense of purpose, care about professional growth and go the extra mile to do their jobs.

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Full time

Frontend Developer

We're looking for a Frontend Developer with great TypeScript and/or JavaScript skills.

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Full time

Mobile Developer

We’re looking for a skilled Mobile Software Engineer to join our growing team in Timisoara.

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Full time

Senior Java Backend Developer

We’re looking for an experienced Backend Developer to join our team and develop scalable software products for tech-oriented & innovative companies.

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We’re constantly looking for smart people who are interested in building great software.

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Why choose BusyMachines


It’s not only about the success stories, the state-of-the-art technological environment, and the money to take into account when looking for a job. It should be about the work-life balance, with a focus on the latter.

Life at BusyMachines is cozy, it’s flexibility that defines it, you’ll never need to use your right to say ‘no’, as overload is not a viable concept with us.

We take breaks together, eat together and laugh a lot, throw parties and cool team buildings. And this is precisely what makes us combine work and pleasure. We love our jobs and enjoy being at work.

11 random facts about us

  • Strong work ethic

    We give everyone our full trust and expect them to have a strong sense of responsibility and a good work ethic to keep everything running like clockwork.

  • Ambition

    We all do our best to get as good as we can possibly get. We expect everyone who joins us to be open to push boundaries, take on challenging projects and explore uncharted territory.

  • Self-discipline

    It takes a certain level of commitment to finish your tasks every day. We expect you to care about the quality of your work, have good discipline and do your part.

  • Collaboration

    Smooth collaboration keeps our machines busy and moves projects forward. We cherish people who help each other, work well together and are able to explain technical decisions.

  • Openness

    You won’t find any “yes man” here. We encourage everyone to speak their mind and be vocal about their ideas. Constructive criticism is welcome. Give it. Take it. Use it.

  • Curiosity

    You won’t have a problem finding your place here if, apart from the technical skillset, you have a restless passion to learn new things and a natural talent at being versatile.

Why work with us

Competitive salary & bonuses based on performance.

All-inclusive private health plan.

The best tools money can buy – very fast company laptop and at least one secondary screen.

Knowledge exchange & individual coaching for personal development.

The chance to grow a career in a non- corporate environment.

Modern office.

Informal working conditions & home office flexibility.

Cool parties, team buildings and other team outings.

Office treats, coffee & refreshments.

Questions you might have - FAQ

  • Is it possible for an employee/contractor to work from a different place? City, town, village, country?

    Sure, you can work from anywhere, provided that you have a power source and internet connection, we only care about your location just out of curiosity.

  • Is there a remote policy?

    BusyMachines has a hybrid work policy, with a great encouragement for seeing your face at the office. Which is not mandatory, and never will be. It’s just pure pleasure.

  • Are there any training courses I can attend as an employee? Do you have a mentoring program?

    There are. We provide knowledge exchange sessions & individual coaching for personal development. And, of course, any ideas are welcome.

  • What is the leave days policy in BusyMachines?

    You start with the standard 21 days and hence we’ll add one day per year with BusyMachines.

Start your career with BusyMachines. You’ll love the apps you build.

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