Summer Internship @ BusyMachines Frontend Web Developer

We believe that summer is the best for making career plans. Why? You have the time and ease of mind to focus only on yourself. So, why not decide to spend it in the best way possible?

By choosing to apply to our internship position of frontend web developer, you will have the chance to gain relevant software experience, learn from our skilled software engineers and take first steps towards building your own professional network. Are you still reading this? If yes, then be sure to check the description below.

Internship details

Internship duration

July 5th, 2021 – September 17th, 2021


Open position

Vacation possibility

5 days off for the summer

Type of internship

Paid + possibility to get a part-time job afterwards


6 hours / day — minimum 3 days (out of 5) present at the office

Selection process

Application deadline: June 22, 2021.
  • Application with your resume
  • Basic online programming test
  • Screening made by the BusyMachines team
  • Interview with the BusyMachines developers (only those selected during the initial screening)
  • Final answer

Selection Criteria

  • Bachelor students (2nd, 3rd or 4th year of study), who progress towards a degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, information systems or related fields;
  • Basic understanding of web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3);
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English;
  • Application based on CV;
  • Availability for working 6 hours/day;
  • Curiosity & desire to learn more about building web apps;
  • Experience (personal projects, contests, other internships) is not mandatory, but it can be an advantage;

Why join BusyMachines as an intern

Get paid while you learn & gain experience in web development

Get a full-stack overview of the technologies & challenges involved in building a web app

The chance to put your skills to work on an actual project

Individual coaching for personal development

Get the chance to start a career in a non-corporate environment

Cozy & modern office

Informal working conditions

5 paid vacation days

Your Internship Agenda

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll get an overview of the technologies and challenges involved in building a web application;
  • You’ll learn from the best: the BusyMachines frontend engineers are here to mentor you and give you a web application development crash-course;
  • You’ll learn about all aspects of the product life cycle, from specifications to development to QA.

Frontend Internship Agenda

  • Getting acquainted with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3;
  • Build Single-Page Apps using technologies like Angular, React and Typescript;
  • Responsive and Mobile Design;
  • RESTful services & APIs.

Project developed & implemented by our frontend interns

Content creation platform, suitable for collaboration. The platforms promotes a nice flow between content buyers, content creators and reviewers. The platform’s purpose is to bring together domain experts & reviewers that write great content for paying companies.

“Couldn't have imagined a better career start. I had high expectations when I applied for the internship and my expectations have been exceeded. BusyMachines offers more than a job, it offers a community.”

Neda Kaighobadi

Ex-Intern / Current Employee

Interested in joining us for the summer?