WANTED: Scala Backend Software Engineer @ BusyMachines

We’re looking for a Scala developer to join our team that has a good understanding and knowledge of SQL, HTTP & REST technologies.

The best candidate is familiar with agile development, source control (Git) and is aware of the necessity of bug tracking.

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Who we’re looking for

Hard skills

  • University degree in Computer Science or related
  • Fundamental programming skills: keeping code DRY, focused on readable and maintainable code, basic knowledge of data structures, algorithms and object oriented decomposition of software, its limitations, and advantages
  • Proven experience with and desire to continuously learn Scala (cats, cats-effect, monix, zio, circe, akka-http, akka-stream, doobie)
  • Good knowledge of technologies (SQL, message queues, HTTP, REST, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of release management (CI/CD, TDD & QA)
  • Basic knowledge of security problems faced on server side, willingness to carefully read RFCs, and OWASP wiki
  • Familiar with agile development, source control (Git), aware of the necessity and efficient use of issue/bug tracking to organize one's workload
  • Would be a big plus: NoSQL experience (ElasticSearch, Cassandra, MongoDB), experience with concurrent programming

Soft skills

  • Engages in software engineering as an inherently social activity that requires efficient communication, cooperation & mutual aid
  • Self learner with a hands-on attitude & not shy in asking for help
  • Takes responsibility and ownership for work done
  • Can explain, and document the reasons/thinking behind one's actions
  • Can handle, and offer constructive criticism & peer reviews
  • Good English (speaking & writing)

Why work with us

Competitive salary & bonuses based on performance.

All-inclusive private health plan.

The best tools money can buy – very fast company laptop and at least one secondary screen.

Knowledge exchange & individual coaching for personal development.

The chance to grow a career in a non-corporate environment.

Modern office.

Informal working conditions & home office flexibility.

Cool parties, team buildings and other team outings.

Office treats, coffee & refreshments.

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Who we are

We’re a Dutch software company building complete software products for high-tech startups and mature enterprises pushing their industries forward.

We have offices in Amsterdam and Timisoara, with flexible working hours and an open culture. We work with a minimal management approach and have a horizontal company structure.

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