Legacy System Audit

You already have a software product, but you feel stuck with it or want to know how well it’s built. We investigate and explain the causes behind the issues with your current system or development team. Our experts look under the hood and give a pragmatic assessment based on established industry standards.

Price starts at €3000
Business value
  • Clarity on current risks and opportunities;
  • Actionable advice for improvements & future roadmap;
  • Duration: 10 days.
  • Evaluation of code quality, test coverage, documentation, development and deployment process;
  • Assessment of security, software architecture, technical debt and development team.
  • We investigate and explain the causes behind the issues with your current system or development team.
  • We take a look under the hood and give a pragmatic assessment based on established industry standards.

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    Legacy System Audit Process
    Development Process

    • Free confidential consultation

      We start with an initial discussion. We meet in person at your office or simply call via phone or Skype. We get to know each other and discuss your current situation and future ambitions. We are good listeners and have already audited dozens of legacy systems with software and hardware components. If we both feel that we are a good fit for each other, we agree on a way to move forward.
    • Definition phase

      We work together to get maximum clarity on your current product, business model and your future business objectives. This allows us to define the scope of the audit and make sure that we provide the relevant actionable advice for improvements & future roadmap.

      At the end of the definition phase, we both agree on what needs to be audited and BusyMachines delivers a written Definition of Done (DoD) document.
    • The audit

      The BusyMachines audit team reviews your product on several distinct technical tracks:
      • The software code base;
      • The software architecture / design & technology stack;
      • Code & product documentation and issue tracking;
      • The automated build & release processes;
      • The quality assurance process & test coverage;
      • The production infrastructure setup;
      • The team & the actual development process;
      • Technical solution & production infrastructure security.
    • Audit report

      The audit conclusions report is split into two areas: current state versus recommendations.

      The current state evaluation describes where the product is right now on each of the technical tracks above, alongside a list of specific problems and their severity.

      The recommendations are organised as a list of clear and actionable advice. This specific advice refer to current problems of the solution, but also provides a realistic roadmap that allows you to reach your future ambitions.

      At the end of the audit phase, BusyMachines delivers an extensive written document that covers all topics agreed in the Definition of Done. BusyMachines concludes the audit with a meeting where we present our report conclusions to all relevant stakeholders.

    What happens after
    a Legacy System Audit is done?

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