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Project overview

The Aurum platform measures the energy usage of homes and businesses in real time. The customers can track their energy use with a phone app and receive actionable advice on how to optimise their yearly energy costs.

The technical challenges of such a platform consist in the processing of real time data at scale with a very low cost per transaction. The platform must be able to store millions of concurrent incoming data streams from geographically distributed sensors and build real time analytics for each customer.

BusyMachines is responsible for the technical architecture & implementation of the software solution. The technical solution optimises for high volume concurrent read/writes, distributed storage and processing big data. We also designed and automated the entire custom production infrastructure.

What we did

BusyMachines works together with the Aurum founders and team to define the solution objectives and software architecture. We have daily contact, release often and make sure we keep all stakeholders involved in product demos every two weeks.

  • Web application
  • Mobile application
BusyMachines is a flexible, innovative, and one-of-a-kind company. Its state-of-the-art development platforms and its ability to empathize prove to be a powerful combination. High quality solutions, an ability to empathize and competitive rates: BusyMachines stands out in every respect.

Marcel Kampes, Former Managing Director at Aurum Europe

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  • Scala
  • Akka
  • ElasticSearch
  • Cassandra
  • iOS Native
  • Android Native
  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
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