Simplified medicine administration.
No more medication errors.


Cliff Bos

CEO of Connected Health Solutions

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"BusyMachines helped us overcome the difficulty of getting started – this was the main reason why we decided to work with them and we really enjoy and appreciate this collaboration. We have a great relationship with the team, they are very nice and open, eager to understand the business needs and deliver functionality. It’s very important that the partner understands the relevance and urgency in delivering a working service."

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  • Client: CareXS
  • Time to market: 6 months
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Product

    Platform for safe and responsible use of medication at home or in healthcare facilities.

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  • Value proposition

    No more medication errors. Never type the same data twice.

  • Our delivery team — 7.5 FTE







Delivery timeline

  • MVPDuration: 9 months

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    BusyMachines implemented the cloud platform, web app & mobile app. We worked together with the CareXS product owner and solution architect. The platform had 100+ users within the first month after launch.

  • Post MVPDuration: 30+ months

    Service: Extended Software Teams

    An extended software team from BusyMachines works together with the CareXS in-house team to define the solution objectives & software architecture. We have daily contact, release often & keep all stakeholders involved in the product demos every two weeks.

  • Maintenance

    Service: Extended Software Teams

    Software maintenance & support delivered as part of the “Post MVP” development effort.

The vision of CareXS

CareXS's vision is a future without medication errors. The company's ambition was to build a SaaS platform for safe medication management at home or in healthcare facilities. The solution would facilitate the secure sharing of medical information between core participants in the care process: patient, family, general practitioner, pharmacist & home care assistant/nurse. For maximum safety, the platform integrates with several third-party medical solutions and hardware devices.

The work of BusyMachines

BusyMachines participated in the design and the implementation of the flexible software architecture. Our contribution was both in the core system implementation and in specific third-party integrations with other medical solutions.

  • The main challenge was the automation of the complex medical procedures & information provided by a wide range of interconnected medical services (ie. pharmacies, care teams, thrombosis services etc).

  • An extra challenge consists in the fact that the system has to meet strict overall compliance laws regarding the security & privacy of medical data. After the MVP, the BusyMachines team worked alongside the core CareXS technical team.

  • Technology stack

    BackendScala, Akka, MongoDB, Akka HTTP

    WebJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3

    UX/UI DesignAdobeXD, Adobe Illustrator

    MobileJAVA / Android Native

    PMScrum / Agile

    TechopsDocker, AWS, Kibana / Grafana

  • Deliverables

    Cloud platform

    Web portal (B2B & B2C):

    Hardware/Firmware Integration

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