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Project overview

IndexAR is a B2C platform connecting companies that sell Home & Living products with potential customers by leveraging AR technology. Through an Augmented Reality app & platform, small and medium-companies (e.g. furniture manufacturers, interior design material resellers, real-estate developers) get the chance to bring their products in front of their customers faster. Companies load their product 3D models on the indexAR Platform, customers access indexAR’s Augmented Reality mobile app and, in a matter of seconds, customers can visualize products as if they were really in front of them.

The greatest challenge we encountered was to provide a unified AR experience between the two mobile platforms (iOS and Android). We handled it by using ReactNative so that the native code was limited only to the AR functionality and some other small platform-specific features (e.g. geolocation, compass).

What we did

We developed the entire software system comprising of a back office web application for the companies, an administrative back office for the platform admins and two mobile apps (iOS & Android) that deliver the AR experience to end users and connect them to the companies.

We were in charge of client server infrastructure administration, deployment environment setup, application deployments and mobile apps publishing.

We took an agile approach to product development with 3-week sprints and we used JIRA for project management.

  • Mobile application
  • Web Application


  • Node.JS
  • React
  • ARKit + SceneKit
  • ARCore + OpenGL
  • React Native
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