Management of smart taxi signs


Dan Lindgren

CIO PointGuard

Uppsala, Sweden

"BusyMachines has all of the skills that we could ever need, and they can deploy more resources whenever necessary. Technically competent with excellent English skills, they handle everything in a professional way. They’re also friendly and easy to work with."

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  • Client: Pointguard
  • Time to market: 6 months
  • Industry: Internet of Things & Mobility
  • Product

    Platform for real time management of smart TAXI roof signs.

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  • Value proposition

    Increase car revenue with customised offers & contextual ads.

  • Our delivery team — 4.0 FTE






Delivery timeline

  • MVPDuration: 12 months

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    BusyMachines designed & implemented the cloud platform, web app, mobile app & hardware integration. We worked together with the firmware & hardware team to integrate the platform with the smart TAXI signs. Within the first month after launch, the platform handled dozens of fully working TAXI signs.

  • Post MVPDuration: 10+ months

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    BusyMachines provided continuous software development with a dedicated agile team. The main objective was to extend the platform's functionality based on feedback from early adopters. We worked with short development cycles and released every two weeks.

  • Maintenance

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    Software maintenance and support delivered as part of the "Post MVP" development effort.

The vision of iTopLight

Software & hardware solution for internet connected digital taxi roof signs. The iTopLight smart sign displays dynamic text messages & logos: taxi status, offers, geo relevant ads etc.

The work of BusyMachines

The main challenge of the iTopLight platform consisted in building a core communication mechanism between the cloud & the iTopLight smart sign.

  • This communication mechanism needed to provide a strong foundation on which other vertical services were delivered: text messages, advertisement, tracking etc.

  • BusyMachines is responsible for the solution architecture & implementation of the complete software platform and apps. We also designed and automated the entire cloud production infrastructure.

  • Technology stack

    BackendScala, Akka, Postgresql, Akka HTTP

    WebJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3

    MobileReactNative, Android / Java, IOS / Swift

    UX/UI DesignAdobeXD, Adobe Illustrator

    PMScrum / Agile

  • Deliverables

    Cloud platform

    Web portal (B2B & B2C): Pointguard

    Mobile App Android

    Mobile App IOS

    Firmware/Hardware integration

    AWS deployment

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