Mac & Windows App Development for Music Web Store


Jonas Sacks

CTO of NativeDSD

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“BusyMachines delivered an operational platform that satisfied design and performance expectations. Ensuring a successful partnership, the team was flexible with not only financial restrictions but also change requests. Their clear communication and openness led to easy collaboration.”

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  • Client: NativeDSD
  • Time to market: 4 months
  • Industry: Music
  • Product

    Mac & Windows App for Music Web Store

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  • Value proposition

    NativeDSD is a web store that provides music lovers with a high-resolution resource to download their favorite music in a DSD format.

  • Our delivery team - 2.5 FTE

    1.0Web app




Delivery timeline

  • MVPDuration: 4 months

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    Following a Sketch prototype, BusyMachines designed and built an application in Electron for macOS and Windows. We built the app to increase users’ access to audio files and streamline the download process.

  • Maintenance

    Service: BusyCare

    Software maintenance & support delivered as part of the “Post MVP” development effort.

The vision of NativeDSD

NativeDSD, founded by recording engineer Jared Sacks and cinematographer and music/web enthusiasts Jonas Sacks, is a company dedicated to music enthusiasts and audiophiles. Their desire is to make the download of Direct Stream Digital (DSD) music available to listeners worldwide, bringing the listener as close to the original performance as possible.

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is a 1-bit Sigma Delta Modulated (SDM) audio format developed by Sony and Philips. Musicians and Record Labels that record in DSD, DXD, Analog and Very High Bit PCM (24 bit, 384 kHz) and create DSD editions of their music can offer their original recorded DSD data at The need arose for a way to let the end user download these files, as easy as possible, given their size.

The work of BusyMachines

The mission of BusyMachines has been to design and implement a desktop application that offers the customers of NativeDSD a smooth and intuitive download experience.

  • The solution was designed to give the user full control over all aspects of the desired high quality music downloads, not having to be limited by the browser. The end user could manage each individual download by pausing, resuming and canceling it. The application also offered the possibility to set the desired location of the resulting files, enable or disable the notifications dispatched after each downloaded track, as well as queuing multiple tracks at the same time.

  • The main challenge for BusyMachines’ team was to overcome making the desktop application cross-platform, so that it could offer the same smooth flow for both Mac OS and Windows, taking into consideration all the particularities of each operating system. This included implementing automatic updates of the application, as well as signing and notarizing the software according to the latest requirements, in order to make it production ready.

  • Technology stack

    WebElectron, ReactJS, TypeScript, Less, HTML5

    PMScrum / Agile

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