Adding social proof to real estate listings for better sales outcome


Lex Groenewegen

CEO at Moving Digital

Delft, The Netherlands

"The BusyMachines team strived to deliver. The output satisfied requirements, while the team was motivated and easy to collaborate with."

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  • Client: Moving Digital
  • Time to market: 6 months
  • Industry: Real estate
  • Product

    Placert makes real-estate listings social proof and maximises online reach and shares.

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  • Value proposition

    Sell your house faster & more efficient.

  • Our delivery team — 1.0 FTE


Delivery timeline

  • MVPDuration: 6 months

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    BusyMachines designed and implemented the mobile app & platform integration. We had hundreds of app installations by early adopters during the first month after launch.

  • Post MVPDuration: 2+ months

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    BusyMachines provided continuous software development with a dedicated agile team. The main objective was to integrate the feedback provided by early adopters. We worked with short development cycles and released every two weeks.

  • Maintenance

    Service: Dedicated Software Teams

    Software maintenance & support delivered as part of the "Post MVP" development effort.

The vision of Placert

Buying or selling a house can be an emotional process and it has always been difficult to capture the “soft side” of a house. A real estate broker adds what we call “hard data” to a house listing, things like: the number of rooms, square meters, the state of maintenance, location of the garden and, of course, the price.

Placert adds “soft data” to a house listing by asking the owner and his social network to endorse or add features, share photos and videos, pinpoint interesting spots on an interactive map and share nice memories/anecdotes. This way, potential buyers can see the “soft side” of the house, data delivered by actual humans. Personal endorsements that turn a house into a home.

The work of BusyMachines

The main challenge of building the cross-platform mobile apps consisted in concentrating most of the video processing & related operations on the mobile / client side.

  • Avoiding server side processing had the benefits of a much better & faster user experience and lower cloud operational costs.

    BusyMachines is responsible for the complete development & release of the mobile apps that integrate with the cloud platform.

  • Technology stack

    MobileReactNative, Android / Java, IOS / Swift

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