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Project overview

Woonplanner (known as Living app until February 2018) is an online B2C platform that connects fresh homeowners with essential home service providers such as Home-Deco businesses, Internet & Telecom Providers, Furniture Transportation services, Gardening businesses etc. It offers a fast, care-free setup of necessary service contracts in a new house. The platform does this by leveraging an umbrella API that feeds the owners data from major realtors in the Netherlands. The web platform is currently used by over 33,000 new home owners from the Netherlands, with over 120,000 digital orders placed in less than 2 years since its launch.

BusyMachines built a Minimum Viable Product for Woonplanner, helping them take the first sellable version of their product to market in only 5 months.

One of the biggest challenges in building the platform was the permission-based inspiration delivery system and digital ordering system. Physical brochures & catalogs delivery is done on a large scale using the data offered by the platform to businesses.

What we did

BusyMachines released a cloud platform and a web application with live API integration to service providers. Different businesses require different amounts of user data, so we developed a smart system using Symfony. The system deals with data sharing and order creation for catalogs and services. The Twig template engine had a great impact on this product’s success, given that we needed dozens of small user interfaces and a custom-built administration & management panel for the business component.

A redesign meant for rebranding purposes took place in February 2018. By using strong SCSS standards, we maintained a high class frontend, allowing the complete redesign with less than 30% of the code changed. Javascript components were developed for user interactions using both legacy and bleeding-edge technologies in order to service a wide range of browsers.

The team working on this project consisted in a Tech Lead, a Software Developer (backing up as an in-house tester) and a Frontend Developer, all collaborating in a SCRUM setup, with work divided in Agile Sprints, coordinated by a Project Manager from the client in the first phase, and an in-house Project Manager in later stages. The architecture was a joint effort.

  • Web application
  • Mobile application
The BusyMachines team strived to deliver. The output satisfied requirements, while the team was motivated and easy to collaborate with.

Lex Groenewegen, CEO at Moving Digital

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  • Vanilla JS
  • MariaDB/MySQL
  • Memcached
  • PHP
  • Symfony
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