Working together in every stage of your business growth

Each company’s path is unique in its own way. We position ourselves as a long-term partner for our clients. We’ll work alongside you in every stage of your business growth. Below you’ll find typical packages suited for different stages of the software life cycle.

Product Planning & Business Analysis

  • Pre-project consultation


    Innovating with your startup or building a brand new product for your existing company?
    We will help you get things started right away. No strings attached.

    • We start with an initial discussion. We can schedule an in person meeting in your office or simply call via phone or Skype.
    • The purpose of this consult is to discuss your idea, tell you more about our process and guide you towards the best solution. We’ll also go over resources, costs, time.
  • Legacy system audit

    Starts at €1000

    You already have a software product. You feel stuck with it or want to know how well it’s built.

    Business value
    • Clarity on current risks & opportunities.
    • Actionable advice for improvements & future roadmap.
    • Duration: 5 days.
    • We investigate and explain the causes behind the issues with your current system or development team.
    • We take a look under the hood and give a pragmatic assessment based on established industry standards.
    • Evaluation of code quality, test coverage, documentation, development and deployment process.
    • Assessment of security, software architecture, technical debt and development team.
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  • Product discovery

    Starts at €2000

    You have an idea, but you need a solid business plan and technical solution for a great product.

    Business value
    • Convince investors with a realistic mock demo and a solid business plan.
    • Validate product idea with potential customers.
    • Duration: 5 days.
    • We start with your idea and work together to build a clear picture of the actual product that needs to be built.
    • We design a realistic product mockup. We outline the business plan and technical solution with the best technologies available.
    • Clickable app interfaces with realistic mockups.
    • Executive summary of the business plan.
    • Overview of the technical solution, architecture and technology stack.
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Product Development & Growth

  • Proof of Concept

    Starts at €10,000

    You already have a clear product vision, but you need to convince your investors and potential customers.

    Business value
    • Show investors the core use case(s) in the actual product.
    • Real demos with customers.
    • Validate technological solution.
    • Time to market: 4-12 weeks.
    • We work together to identify the highest impact use cases of your product.
    • We decide what to build vs. what to buy / rent from third party services. This balance is critical to meet the constraints of your budgets and delivery timelines.
    • The team builds in very short and fast iterations. We often show end-of-week demos on progress and even in-between sneak peeks.
    • Communication is daily with calls, mails or short Q&A sessions.
    • End-to-end working product for your core business case(s).
    • Product deployed on real infrastructure, ready for demos to investors and potential customers.
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  • Minimum Viable Product

    Starts at €30,000

    You want to launch the first sellable version of your product fast. Time to market is essential.

    Business value
    • Sellable product is ready for full marketing & sales efforts.
    • Product ready for use by real paying customers.
    • Time to market: 3-6 months.
    • We work together to define the lightweight specifications, designs and roadmap.
    • The type of product determines the team roles and the balance between dedicated vs. on-demand team members.
    • A typical MVP team has at least one dedicated developer working together with an on-demand UI-UX Designer and Solution Architect.
    • The team builds in fast iterations with end-of-sprint demos. End-of-sprint reports cover budgets, forecasts and roadmap progress.
    • Communication via daily standups, calls, status updates and frequent reporting.
    • Fully implemented minimum viable product, ready to be used by real customers.
    • Solution deployed in a secured and managed production environment.
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  • Product Growth

    Starts at €10,000/month

    You already have a product on the market. You need to continuously grow it to stay ahead of your competitors.

    Business value
    • Grow market share as the product reaches more customers via new features.
    • Stay ahead of the competition with constant product innovation.
    • The Product Growth dedicated team is fully managed by BusyMachines. We take care of everything technical in your product.
    • The team is flexible and keeps the right balance between full time vs part time team members.
    • The team can include: software developers, solution architect, testers, UI-UX designers and much more.
    • Communication via daily standups, calls, status updates and frequent reporting.
    • High quality features implemented and delivered each sprint.
    • End-of-sprint demos and production releases.
    • End-of-sprint reports on budgets, forecasts and roadmap progress.
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Product Maintenance

  • Busy Care

    Starts at €500 / month

    You need long-term support and maintenance of your product while keeping operational costs efficient.

    Business value
    • Managed day-to-day production operations for the long term.
    • Efficient operational cost.
    • Once your product goes live, it needs ongoing monitoring, tweaks and updates.
    • This guarantees that your product keeps delivering a high-end customer experience for months and years to come.
    • Our team sets up real time monitoring, support and operational dashboards.
    • We keep security up-to-date and investigate / fix product bugs.
    • When needed, we can assign fast on-demand specialists for small ongoing engagements.
    • Production services monitoring & support.
    • Security updates in product & services.
    • Ongoing bug fixes & improvements.
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Team Extension Model

  • Extended Teams

    Starts at €8000 / month

    You are having challenges finding the right talent for your company's growth.

    Business value
    • Your business gets on-demand experts when you need them.
    • No administrative overhead or constraints.
    • The team can include one or more of our technical, design and product experts.
    • You decide how the team is managed.
    • Communication via daily standups, calls, status updates and frequent reporting.
    • High quality features implemented and delivered each sprint.
    Technical Expertise
    • Mobile, backend, frontend development
    • Solutions Architect
    • Cloud development
    • Big Data
    • DevOps / TechOps
    • IoT development
    • UI/UX
    • QA
    • Project management
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* All prices mentioned on this page do not include VAT.

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