Product Discovery

You have a good business idea, but still need a solid business plan and a technical solution. Your project starts long before we write any line of code. Let’s work together for several intensive days. We have an excellent Product Discovery team with real world experience and a strong track record.

Price starts at €4000
Business value
  • Convince investors with realistic mock-ups and a solid plan;
  • Validate product idea with potential customers;
  • Duration: 10 days.
  • Clickable app interfaces with realistic mockups;
  • Executive summary of the business plan;
  • Overview of the technical solution, architecture and technology stack.
  • We start with your idea and work together to build a clear picture of the actual product that needs to be built.
  • We design a realistic product mockup. We outline the business plan and technical solution with the best technologies available.

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Successful Product Discovery examples

  • Insignety

    Innovative 3D ring design software for personalised rings using biometric data and 3D printing.

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  • Unlock

    Platform for secure managed access to smart locks for consumers and businesses.

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  • Woonplanner

    Online B2C platform that connects fresh homeowners with home service providers.

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  • IndexAR

    Augmented Reality marketplace for shops that sell home and living products.

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Why BusyMachines?

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Product Discovery Process

  • Free confidential consultation

    We start with an initial discussion. We meet in person at your office or simply call via phone or Skype. We get to know each other and discuss your idea. We are good listeners and have already helped quite a few founders turn their ideas into profitable businesses. If we both feel that we are a good fit for each other, we agree on a way to move forward.
  • The product hypothesis

    We start with your initial idea and transform it into a product hypothesis where we identify:
    • The problem: specific pain points and the magnitude of each of them;
    • The market segment and potential customers;
    • The value of a possible solution and who might pay for it.
    Each topic is explored in detail with a strong emphasis on examples, quantification and specific details.
  • The range of possible solutions

    Once we have a product hypothesis, we will discover together one or more actual solutions that could be built to solve the most important pain points. For each possible solution, we will explore:
    • The business / revenue model: SaaS, licensing, ads revenue etc;
    • The software product that makes it possible: mobile app, web app, firmware etc;
    • The non-software part of the solution: customised hardware, physical processes, legal constraints etc;
    • Identify key competitors: similar solutions already on the market and their business model;
    • The order of magnitude for the upfront and ongoing investment.
    We decide together on the best solution candidate and, if needed, expand on it with more details and examples.
  • The best solution

    We work together to find and define the technological implementation for the best solution possible. We cover both software and non-software components and explore already available products that can help reduce your upfront investment: open source, third-party Saas, licensing etc.

    We design the clickable mock-up which provides a realistic feeling of the actual graphical interfaces and the experience of your end customers. In addition to the clickable demo, we deliver an outline of the business plan and technical solution with the best technologies available.

What happens after Product Discovery?

Find out
  • Proof of Concept

    End-to-end working product for your core business case.

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  • Minimum Viable Product

    Sellable product, ready for full marketing & sales efforts.

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  • Dedicated Software Teams

    Stay ahead of the competition with constant product innovation.

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