Dedicated Software Teams for Continuous Product Development

You already have a product on the market, but you need to scale-up service delivery and bring continuous improvements to stay ahead of your competitors. We provide dedicated software development teams to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT projects.
The dedicated development team is fully managed by BusyMachines. We take care of everything technical in your product.

Starting at €40/hour
Business value
  • Grow market share as the product reaches more customers via new features.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with constant product innovation.
  • High quality features implemented and delivered every sprint.
  • End of sprint demos and production releases.
  • End of sprint reports on budgets, forecasts and roadmap progress.
  • Your dedicated software team is fully managed by BusyMachines. We take care of everything technical in your product.
  • The team is flexible and keeps the right balance between full-time vs part-time team members.
  • We match people to project, not the other way around. The team can include: software developers, solution architects, QA engineers, UI/UX designers. Read more about our technical expertise.
  • Communication via daily standups, calls, status updates and frequent reporting.

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How we work together

  • Free confidential consultation

    We start with an initial discussion. We meet in person at your office or simply call via phone or Skype. We get to know each other and discuss the needs of your business. We are good listeners and we have years of experience managing high tech teams. If we both feel that we are a good fit, then we agree on a way to move forward.
  • The development

    The type of product determines the team roles and the balance between dedicated vs. on-demand team members. A typical product growth team has at least two dedicated developers working together with an on-demand UI/UX designer and a solution architect.

    The team can include: The team builds in fast iterations (i.e. sprints) which are usually two weeks long. At the end of each iteration, BusyMachines presents a working product demo as proof of features delivered & progress on the product release roadmap.
  • Local presence

    Our team in the Benelux Region (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg) will be available for on-site work in your office anytime needed. Our local experts have considerable expertise in product development and software engineering.
  • Communication

    Communication via daily standups, frequent calls & status updates and progress reporting.

    We often use tools from the Atlassian suite (e.g JIRA, Confluence etc) but also more lightweight solutions like Trello or others. For calls and chat, we often use Skype and Slack.

    We always stay flexible and adapt to the most efficient way of working together.
  • Control

    Every two weeks, you receive reports on current budget spendings, budget use forecasts & product release roadmap progress. Using the demos and these progress reports, we decide together on priorities, features and deadlines.

    We always provide a project manager who coordinates the work of the BusyMachines team. We take great care that the development is always on track with product steering meetings where BusyMachines makes sure that all product stakeholders stay on the same page regarding the product roadmap and milestones.
* All prices mentioned on this page do not include VAT.