Team Extension Model

Having challenges in finding the right talent for your growth? Can’t keep up with long hiring cycles and skills shortage? Does your current team lack the manpower to build your product fast enough? Scale your delivery capacity with our Team Extension Model. Work with on-demand developers and designers that will complement the expertise gaps in your core team.

Starting at€40/hour
Business value
  • Your business gets on-demand experts when you need them;
  • No administrative overhead or constraints.
The team can include:
  • Software developers;
  • Solution architects;
  • QA engineers;
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • And more: See our tech expertise.
You decide the balance between dedicated versus on-demand team members.
Best for:
  • Long-term projects with constant workload;
  • Access to a large pool of tech talent;
  • Fast innovators;
  • Predictable and affordable costs;
  • Decreased time-to-market;
  • High skills and commitment.
  • High quality features implemented and delivered every sprint.
  • You decide how the team is managed.
  • Communication via daily standups, calls, status updates and frequent reporting.

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Recent projects we’ve built

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    Medication management platform for healthcare facilities to reduce medication-related mistakes.

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  • DeviceXS

    Cloud IoT platform Generic IoT for businesses that want to manage and collect data streams from smart assets.

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  • Insignety

    Innovative 3D ring design software for personalised rings using biometric data and 3D printing.

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“We have a core in-house team working together with a nearshoring team from BusyMachines. We see this as a strategic relationship. As we grow, we’ll rely much more on the BusyMachines team, so we need them to be just as flexible and adapt to our needs. As we develop new projects, our goal is to increase capacity at BusyMachines instead of hiring more people in-house.”

Cliff Bos, CEO at Connected Health Solutions

Why BusyMachines?

  • Product UI & UX Design

  • Technology front-runners

  • Local presence in Benelux

  • Great communication

  • Control

How it works

  • We decide together what are the specific roles required by your business case and objectives. You have the final decision regarding the number of employees needed for the project and the skills they should possess.
  • BusyMachines provides a dedicated team that corresponds to the project requirements. The team and the client agree on the workload and project requirements for the specified amount of time.
  • Experts are gathered into the team and start working during regular hours. The team size can always change.
  • The client has full management control over the project and team, while the dedicated team services are concentrated on providing the best results.
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