Cliff Bos,
CEO of Connected Health Solutions

BusyMachines helped us overcome the difficulty of getting started. We have a great relationship with the team, they are very nice and open, eager to understand the business needs and deliver functionality. It’s very important that the partner understands the relevance and urgency in delivering a working service.

The customer

The CareXS project came to life in 2014 in the Netherlands with a daring vision: to make a true impact in people’s lives, improve the health sector and ensure safe medication use. In the Netherlands alone, 1300 people die every year due to medication-related mistakes and 60,000 people are hospitalized as a consequence of wrong medication use. That often happens because the traditional health care environment, where people work with paper, is, unfortunately, very disconnected and prone to error. CareXS’s founders understood that by making use of the technologies and innovations available today, they could effect positive change.

Today, Connected Health Solutions offers CareXS, a reliable software platform that enables the secure sharing of medical information between core participants in the care process: patient, family, general practitioner, pharmacist & assistant/nurse. By eliminating the barriers between patients and care providers and connecting them all to one single view of the data, CareXS significantly reduces the risks of mistakes and helps prevent people from dying or getting sick from wrong medication use.

The old situation

The first challenge Connected Health Solutions had to face was to make sure the potential users understood the need and importance of a software solution of this kind. Once the trust was gained, the next challenge was to actually get started: “This is where BusyMachines has been our reliable partner. BusyMachines allowed us to quick start our business – this was the main reason why we decided to work with you and we really enjoy and appreciate this collaboration. We have a great relationship with Ruud and Paul and the team, they are very nice and open, eager to understand the business needs and deliver functionality. I think it is very important that the partner also understands the relevance and urgency in delivering a working service. So this is how BusyMachines helped us overcome the difficulty of getting started.” says Cliff Bos, CEO of Connected Health Solutions.

The solution

CareXS’s short term goal is to have the best team in place to deliver and improve their product and services. For them, the success recipe is to have a core in-house team working together with a nearshoring team from BusyMachines, fully dedicated on their project: “We see this as a strategic relationship. As we grow, we’ll rely much more on the BusyMachines team, so we need them to be just as flexible and adapt to our needs. As we develop new projects, our goal is to increase capacity at BusyMachines instead of hiring more people in-house.” says Cliff.
The end goal for Connected Health Solutions is to grow the platform and connect as many users as possible in the Netherlands and other markets, so they can actually reduce error and harm resulting from wrong medication use. They want to become to go-to specialists in medication safety.

Benefits of working with BusyMachines

Committed to deliver

BusyMachines has been a true business partner for Connected Health Solutions, helping them reach their business goals. Through this collaboration, the team worked with likewise people with the right skills and motivation in the design and implementation of the flexible software architecture. BusyMachines’ contribution is both on the core system implementation, but also in specific third party integrations with other medical solutions. The team had successfully overcome different challenges such as the automation of the complex medical procedures & information provided by a wide range of interconnected medical services (ie. pharmacies, care teams, thrombosis services, etc). or strict overall compliance laws regarding the security & privacy of medical data.

“Connected Health Solutions chose BusyMachines because it inspired trust and dedication. We also had a good relationship with the founders, so we took a leap of faith and it really paid off. We were part of the BusyMachines’ early beginnings. BusyMachines was part of our success and we were part of yours.” said Cliff.

Why nearshoring works

The team at Connected Health Solutions has had a previous bad experience with offshoring from working with a company in India. That caused initial doubts regarding the nearshoring model as well, but they quickly vanished after they started working with BusyMachines: “Nowadays, the way we work with our nearshoring team is really great – it’s really one big team and we really appreciate the involvement of the people at BusyMachines working with us. We see them as our own team members, so I think that’s a good achievement.”

Best thing about working with BusyMachines

“What I really appreciate is that the people at BusyMachines always do their best to deliver, they are very committed and I feel that our success is important to them. That makes BusyMachines a true business partner.”
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