Paul Krabbe,
CEO of Château Santé


They have a good balance between formal and informal communication.

The client

Château Santé provides an intelligent integrated framework to measure the quality of patients’ health status. Their team strives to provide simple and intuitive means to measure health by designing smart and efficient solutions. What they developed is a comprehensive approach based on a new measuring method, using apps and tools they designed themselves. 


What’s worth mentioning is that the development measurement framework is actually an extended version of the Rasch model (item-response theory) that produces transparent metrics. This is the most robust approach currently available to measure subjective phenomena, such as health, and it’s patient centered. The content of their electronic patient reported outcome measures (ePROMs) is determined by the patients themselves. Then, the patients assess their own health status and place a value on it.

The challenge

Château Santé developed their own measurement system, which is a little more complicated than the standard questionnaires. They wanted to develop a platform that allows patients to fill in their own health conditions.

The solution

Paul Krabbe, the CEO of Château Santé, presented his idea to BusyMachines. Our team started with a UI/UX design proposal, which was further developed into an application. It was clear from its outset that this was done for one specific instrument, but it could scale to more than one, multiple languages, and different studies. BusyMachines created a kind of console that could steer all those things. The solution is strictly run on a computer because there is an algorithm as well as an interactive procedure in it.


Benefits of working with BusyMachines

Professional tea

Effective communication

Intuitive and attractive design

Scalable solutions

Good social interaction

I had found BusyMachines online and saw that they were working with programmers from Romania, and the directors of the company were settled in the Netherlands. After the feeling I got from looking at their website, I decided to give it a try and phoned them. We had a short discussion and we made a plan to meet.

I came to BusyMachines with my idea, and they developed the solution to run as an app.

Sometimes I show people the app on my own phone, and they compliment the look of it. Even from a picture, people immediately understand more or less what the task is. People are so spoiled by nice and beautiful apps that an app should be intuitive, clear, and attractive as well as functional. We achieved that with BusyMachines.

They are a nice company to work with.” & “ They have a good balance between formal and informal communication.

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