CEO of Insignety

Top-notch skills, true commitment, and great support: BusyMachines is the ideal long-term collaboration partner.

The customer

Insignety was established by a group of individuals highly driven by a passion to design personalized items. After conducting research on the technical feasibility of the plans, a software platform was developed that allowed consumers to create and customize their own 3-D jewel designs, adding biometric features – such as handwriting, heartbeat, or fingerprints – in a visual process, after which the price is displayed in a live environment. As soon as the prototype was deemed viable, it was carefully prepared for a global-scale rollout in Spring 2017. Insignety now offers jewelry store owners an end-to-end design solution that allows them to take customers on an exciting, one-of-a-kind, in-store designing journey. Customers, in turn, will benefit from the opportunity to design, for example, a unique ring in a fully automated process, completely free of obligations.

The old situation

After building its prototype, Insignety set out to find an adept partner that could help the company scale up. It aimed to hire a skilled, close-knit team that would fully dedicate itself to the development of a smoothly functioning software platform. ‘High quality meets affordability:’ that was Insignety’s motto – or primary condition – for starting a collaboration that would likely expand over time.

The solution

After having considered various parties, Insignety found its ideal partner in BusyMachines. The combination of a local presence in the Netherlands and solid technical skills was a deciding factor. Moreover, BusyMachines is able to provide top-notch quality and an affordable team. All this has resulted in a long-term collaboration that has met Insignety’s expectations.

Benefits of working with BusyMachines

Local presence
Great technical skills
Affordable high-quality team of developers
Genuine commitment
Excellent support

“From the very start, I had a gut feeling that my collaboration with BusyMachines would be as fruitful as it would be pleasant,” said former Insignety’s CEO and mastermind. “I am definitely not one to team up and do business with a party that I am skeptical of. With BusyMachines, I didn’t have any second thoughts whatsoever. It just felt right.” Time proved this to be right: now, one and a half years later, the team has grown considerably, and possibilities for further expansion are actively being examined. “The entire process has been so organic; I have never felt that things were arduous or troublesome. BusyMachines was absolutely the right choice. My own instincts aside, let’s not underestimate the luck factor, either: I was fortunate enough to come into contact with BusyMachines!”

Nearshoring with a strong local touch: BusyMachines offers maximum convenience.

Although no one had no first-hand experience with nearshoring before joining forces with BusyMachines, he had heard more negative than positive stories about it. “My picture of it was fairly tainted. On the other hand, I realized how difficult it was to quickly build a team in the Netherlands, because, frankly, highly skilled, experienced developers are not that easy to find. So, we came to the conclusion that hiring an external party was a prerequisite for us.”
Working with a dedicated go-to team in the Netherlands has its advantages. “We’re doing business with a Dutch company and are invoiced accordingly, which comes with some legal benefits; it is not only hassle-free, it is also the safest option.” But the fact that BusyMachines brings in Romanian expertise has been beneficial as well: “The team has flown out to take part in sessions a couple of times. And there is no time difference, because it’s close enough to home.”

BusyMachines’ commitment and enthusiasm contribute to our smooth collaboration.

“As a passionate entrepreneur, I attach great value to commitment and involvement,” said the former CEO of Insignity.
“BusyMachines calls me the ‘crazy idea guy’ – which is probably pretty accurate – and that requires a team which truly understands and believes in what it’s developing. In the development business in general, and in our whimsical startup-filled landscape in particular, finding such a group of people is no easy endeavour. That is why BusyMachines’ team stands out.”
The nature of Insignety’s unique product has also elicited the necessary enthusiasm: “Our process is interesting to developers because it ultimately results in a physical object. More often than not, they get stuck on their abstract island, so this project has been fun and refreshing for them, too. They really share my passion, which benefits our collaboration and progress.”

We can only envision a long-term partnership with BusyMachines.

Insignety’s collaboration with BusyMachines has only just begun: “We are very happy with the results and have grown the team gradually. Now, we are looking into options to further expand it, and we’re examining if a scale-up is possible.” But whether it is or not, the collaboration will be continued: “The way things are now, we can only envision a long-term partnership, to be honest. That is crystal clear, as there are still so many things to do. In fact, Insignety’s process is a never-ending story. And with the current team, I see no reason to not keep BusyMachines on board. Its support is great, and its development team is more than suitable to stay involved in this project for years!”

BusyMachines is professional, driven and loyal – and yes, good things come in threes.

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