Lex Groenewegen,
CEO at Moving Digital

The BusyMachines team strived to deliver. The output satisfied requirements, while the team was motivated and easy to collaborate with.

The customer

Moving Digital is a Dutch tech-oriented company that delivers state-of-the-art marketing solutions for the real estate industry. Lex Groenewegen  is the CEO of Moving Digital.

The old situation

Moving Digital hired BusyMachines as an external technical partner, provider of custom software development services. Before deciding on working with us, Moving Digital’s team first asked us to do a small trial task, then assigned us bigger projects. Moving Digital’s goal was to deliver a stable software solution for real estate agents around the globe.

The solution

BusyMachines provided frontend and backend development services, as well as project management services, offering the client an efficient single point of contact and more predictability and clarity.

Benefits of working with BusyMachines

Overall good quality for service and deliverables
Good rates
On time

BusyMachines built the UI/UX and backend of a bespoke real estate platform. The team was also responsible for managing the project. Asked whether he could share any information that demonstrates the impact this project has had on Moving Digital’s business, Lex answered: “We can now serve real estate agents better with our tailor-made solution”.

We have a “grow as we go” model, so their development team scaled with our needs.

BusyMachines’ lead developer and project manager collaborated really well with the Moving Digital team. Senior staff would only get involved when problems occurred.
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