Steven Waltman,
Lead Developer at Moving Digital

BusyMachines’ people are inquisitive, make effective arrangements and get the job done: what more could you want?

The customer

Moving Digital (former KijkMijnHuis) offers SaaS products for the real estate market, focusing on both buying and selling. They have over 10 years of experience developing digital marketing products for the real estate industry. One of its products, KMH HelpMee, helps sellers share their so-called “Soft content” – the story of their house. A realtor can invite a consumer who is trying to sell a home to create a profile, which is very social in nature. Pictures of summer barbecues or garden parties with friends can be added in an instant, making a profile more vivid and appealing. Additionally, KMH Living – another product – offers users a tool for discovering the (relocation) services required to move. Finally, the Living platform provides advice regarding matters such as planning and price comparisons between energy companies. The creators of KijkMijnHuis also established InSocial, a review platform where the degree of customer satisfaction in a variety of fields – from holiday parks to insurance companies – is measured. Here, reviews are collected, data analyses are performed, and results are published.

The old situation

Over a year ago, Moving Digital was looking for a new development partner and started exploring the options. The collaboration with its then-partner had run its course, and there was a strong need for a fresh, innovative approach. When a customer asked if InSocial could build a Salesforce adaptor, the company started an active search for a new partner who would understand its vision and needs.

The solution

After some pleasant back and forth with BusyMachines, Moving Digital decided that a collaboration was likely to be fruitful and asked BusyMachines to develop its pilot. The company’s hunch turned out to be correct: even though BusyMachines had not yet gained experience with Salesforce, it embarked on a joint exploratory journey with Moving Digital. Six months later, the results spoke for themselves: the project was delivered and Moving Digital found it more than interesting. The company is already working on its next projects with BusyMachines!

Benefits of working with BusyMachines

Reliable and trustworthy
Open to take on challenging projects
Willing to explore uncharted territory
Effective arrangements
Proper guidance

After BusyMachines completed the first project, several points for improvement started to surface within our company”, says Steven Waltman, who has been working as a Lead Developer at Moving Digital for the past six years. “So back in April 2016, we set our teeth in these things. Now, three developers that BusyMachines provided us with are working on a programming job. They are building an application using standard programming language and packages. And the next project we want to work on with BusyMachines is already on its way!

“BusyMachines’ programmers and project managers are willing to roll up their sleeves.”

After a far-from-perfect experience with a nearshoring company, Moving Digital was not entirely sure about hiring another one: “We had outsourced a project to an Asian company before and we were not exactly thrilled about it. Besides the time difference that complicated smooth contact, consulting with the employees was not very easy or consistent: sometimes we talked over Skype, other times over email, and people were a bit robot-like in their communication style.” Therefore, Moving Digital was looking for a reliable company that was closer to home. “Communication is key”, says Steven. “That is why we did not opt for two other Timisoara nearshoring companies we had talked to; contrary to BusyMachines, they did not know how to keep the lines short and smooth.”
After working with BusyMachines’ programmers for a while, the company’s initial doubts about nearshoring melted away like snow in the sun: “Frankly, we don’t have any complaints when it comes to communication and personal contact. A few months ago, two project managers flew from Romania to the Netherlands to work on our new project. It is noteworthy that they are picking up work that someone else started, as lots of programmers wouldn’t want to do that. And they are very committed to complete it successfully.

“This is project number five: we’re in it for the long run!”

Moving Digital has clear plans to keep collaborating with BusyMachines: Steven finished writing the specifications for a fifth project. “Our fourth project has largely gone live. We started it because BusyMachines pointed out to us that there was a new technique which allowed us to build one app (rather than two) for Android and Apple devices. It only required a little customisation. So we outsourced this project to BusyMachines, too.”
What Steven likes most about collaborating with BusyMachines? “Their people are inquisitive, make effective arrangements, and get the job done!

“We’re never alone in it; BusyMachines always provides the guidance we need”

Steven would definitely recommend BusyMachines to other companies looking for an efficient, cost-effective nearshoring solution. “Even when their people don’t know something off the top of their heads, they are more than willing to take it on; they always make sure that they find a solution”, he explains. “Moreover, communication couldn’t be smoother. And the guidance they provide is top notch. For example, I had to learn how to manage bigger projects, and they’ve helped me tremendously with it. So, if you lack any knowledge, BusyMachines will bend over backwards to ensure you’ll gain it!

“The benefits of working with BusyMachines? Everything, really. They provide us with guidance every step of the way!”

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