Jonas Sacks,
CTO & Founder at NativeDSD


Their team was very flexible.

The customer

NativeDSD.com was founded in 2013 and launched early in 2014 by Jared Sacks (Channel Classics Records founder and recording engineer) and his son Jonas (cinematographer and music/web enthusiast). Starting out with just the Channel Classics Records catalogue and two other small labels with just about 170 albums (in DSD at the time), their goal was to create a central place where highest resolution music fans could go to find the best quality recordings in the world in both Stereo and Multichannel, directly from labels recording in DSD and/or DXD.

Their vision is to make music as Direct Stream Digital (DSD) downloads available to listeners anywhere in the world. This includes obtaining DSD Edit Masters and Analog Master Tapes that can be transferred to DSD, bringing the listener as close to the original performance as possible.

In the last five years, the NativeDSD platform has seen tremendous growth. Today offering 1900+ albums from over 75 labels – ALL available in DSD (and sometimes DXD). More record labels are joining this platform store as DSD is becoming the go-to format for acoustic recorded music.

‘NativeDSD is basically a web store. We provide music lovers with a high-resolution resource to download their favorite music.’ – CTO & Founder, Jonas Sacks

The challenge

Native DSD tend to move upward of 40 terabytes of data each month to their customers worldwide. This is a costly process that occasionally fails. They have sought a solution to give customers more control over their downloads and direct access to servers and files. 

The solution

Jonas Sacks, the founder of Native DSD, built a prototype of the product in Sketch, which was BusyMachines’ starting point for this project. Our team designed the UI/UX, implemented a stable product in Electron for both Mac and Windows, and then ran through the whole process of fixing bugs and making improvements that came from the market.


Benefits of working with BusyMachines

UI/UX Experience
Electron software framework
Easy communication

Their communication was great. At first, it was a little frantic because we needed to sign and secure them to allocate their time. After that, everything was well communicated. Their team used Jira, but I mostly communicated with Andrea (Project Manager) who was available through WhatsApp or text. She was always willing to help

“I directly worked with two people from BusyMachines. I was also in contact with their CEO and another founding member.”

I met Paul (CTO & Co-Founder) years ago when we had an office in Amsterdam. BusyMachines actually built a small FTP application for us years ago. We still use that application, and I felt comfortable talking with Paul. When talking about the issues we faced, he said that he could fix them. They did an assessment and then we gave them the job.

“Their communication was great” & “Their team was very flexible”

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