Health Economist,
Global Food & Beverage Company


Given the complexity of the project, we’re very happy with their output thus far.


I’m a health economist at a global food and beverage company. We had a very specific challenge and decided to address it by working with BusyMachines. To be more specific, we needed to work with a vendor that could develop a platform to implement a new questionnaire we had recently created. We found out about BusyMachines from one of our collaborators, a university we were working with.

The solution

BusyMachines developed a web platform from scratch to help us implement our quality of life questionnaire, ensuring its compliancy with certain regulations in the process. As far as the team composition is concerned, we worked directly with one main point of contact. We’ve been working with BusyMachines since December 2018, and we expect the project to wrap up by the end of 2019.


Benefits of working with BusyMachines

Transparent & proactive team
Able to meet deadlines

Both the quality and quantity of the work done by the BusyMachines team has been substantial. They’ve done an excellent job thus far of complying with requirements of the scope of work and meeting deadlines. Given the complexity of the project, we’re very happy with their output thus far.

“The team at BusyMachines always met the deadlines they set. They’re also very responsive, approachable, and honest.”

From a project management standpoint, if something isn’t possible, they’re transparent about what can be accomplished within a certain timeframe. Any delays we’ve experienced thus far have been due to factors on our side. Our main point of contact has been very good at staying in touch and implementing an effective plan to help us achieve project goals. They’ve also been great about incorporating any changes we’ve requested along the way. Even though they’re based in Romania, their team speaks English very well, so communication hasn’t been an issue.

“I don’t have any experience with other vendors in this field, but I’ve definitely been impressed by the quality of their work overall. I’d absolutely recommend BusyMachines to others based on our experience.”

As small piece of advice for potential customers: try to provide a detailed scope of work in advance of engaging them to make the best use of the BusyMachines team’s time.
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