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We’re the perfect tech partner for any startup or company looking to bring a new idea to life: we offer an efficient work process, affordable prices, strong means of communication, skilled people and high quality software end-products.

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You’ll have a truly collaborative partner by your side

You get what you want

Our priority is to set laser-sharp objectives and establish an efficient workflow to make sure you get exactly what you expect. The team is process-driven, carefully built around your needs, from project managers to designers and developers.

You’re in control of what’s happening

We are committed to lean and mean development, with short release cycles. The Agile Scrum process we use allows change throughout development without locking you down into a strict scope. We work in 2-week iterations for peak efficiency.

You only use what you need

You get all the flexibility you need. Through dynamic resource allocation, you can call up certain resources as needed, such as a graphical designer only at certain stages in the project.

You get cost control

We understand that companies, startups in particular, have a different flow of money and a limited budget, that’s why you can change the pace of development however you want.

After working with BusyMachines’ programmers for a while, our company’s initial doubts about nearshoring melted away like snow in the sun. Frankly, we don’t have any complaints when it comes to communication and personal contact. Communication couldn’t be smoother and the guidance they provide is top notch.

KijkMijnHuis Team

You’ll get great results

Amazing end-products

We care about the end result as much as you do. We have a wide expertise gamut on board and offer everything from state of the art cloud platforms to modern ‘rich-client’ web applications to native apps.

High quality

We have a large pool of technical skills, use only the best technologies possible, follow a rigorous process to guarantee quality and we have great experience to back us.

Good prices

Since all project work is performed in Romania, including development, testing, project management and architecture, you get great value for really good rates.

Starting out is easy!

You get a free consult

We’ll take the time to discuss your business needs thoroughly and guide you towards the best solution. The consult can be conducted over Skype, or we can meet in person in the Netherlands.

You get a free estimate

We invest time in proper planning. You will receive a rough estimation including the project plan, detailing phases and skills needed, as well as requirement analysis and project creation and maintenance costs.

You get detailed estimations after the project starts

Once the project starts, we will go through a definition phase together, followed by a detailed estimation.

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