IT Outsourcing in Romania

You no longer need to look halfway around the world for quality services at lower rates

We are a Dutch software development company with a production team in Romania, one of Europe’s favourite software outsourcing destinations. Working with us gives you local presence in the Benelux area, backed by a strong development team offering great value for really good rates.

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"The Outsourcing Valley" for software development

Contrary to what most people may think, our decision to set up shop in Romania was not a financially-driven one. We chose Romania because we encountered loyalty, dedication, and a passion for technology here. Moreover, we found the non-hierarchical mindset to be an excellent fit for our Dutch entrepreneurial spirit.

Outsourcing software development in Romania is a great idea

High quality of education & large pool of IT talent

Romania is a tech-friendly country, leader in Europe and fifth in the world in the list of countries with the highest number of certified IT professionals. New specialists join the IT community each year because the Romanian government actively supports the IT education system and the IT industry. Timisoara, where we are proudly located, is renown for its technical universities, entrepreneurial spirit and vibrant IT community.

Good communication & cultural similarities

You won’t bump into language barriers here. People in Romania, technical ones in particular, speak very good English and share a common European culture. The cultural differences are significantly lower than if you chose countries such as Ukraine or Macedonia.

Compatible time zones

Time zone discrepancies are not a problem here. Timisoara is very well positioned – most European countries are only a few hours away, which makes it easier to collaborate in real time during actual office hours. This helps a lot when it comes to the implementation of Agile development. Say goodbye to easy fixes that take a day-and-a-half to be solved.

Proximity & quick travel

Timisoara is at most a few hours of flight away from most European capitals and there are many options when it comes to air travel. Nearshoring here means your team can always meet the external developers in person and you get lower overhead related to project setup.

Member of the European Union

Romania is a member of the EU since 2007, which makes nearshoring here safe and within your reach. Its laws are also aligned with those of the other EU members. As for Timisoara, the city is the main social, economic and cultural centre in the Western part of Romania.

Cost savings

One more reason why Romania is so attractive is because it offers technical proficiency and quality services at a fraction of what they cost in the West.

Modern technology infrastructure

Romania is one of the fastest-growing information technology markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The country is famous for its fast internet connections, construction of new data centers, and improved telecommunications facilities.

Grow your business with dedicated software teams

We provide dedicated software development teams to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT projects, whether you are a startup or a mature company. We understand the common issues you face while your business grows such as how to build fast with insufficient development capacity or how to test out new ideas without taking your current development team off their current projects.

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