Web App Development

Fast-forward your business with custom software solutions. We offer web development services for every stage of your product’s lifecycle, from UX/UI design to development, QA & testing to maintenance and support. Get in touch if you need to build a scalable web app from scratch or migrate to a new technology stack.

We build powerful web
and desktop apps

Different user environments can impact if a web application or a desktop app is the best solution for your needs. We’ll help you make the right call.

web applications

Browser-based apps are client-server software applications typically written in HTML5, developed to run in all major web browsers (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc) and be used on all platforms. The web is an ideal choice of UI for many business cases & types of customers. The use of existing web browsers and their multimedia capabilities allows software developers to create media-rich user interfaces.

Browser based apps are a great choice as they work well on all devices. They are easy to integrate with other web ecosystems (ie. social media, streaming, embedded content etc).

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WebGL / ThreeJS, AngularJS, React Native, NPM.


Desktop-based applications are developed similar to a web app, but deployed inside a desktop app. The customer uses it like a regular application on his/her computer: download, install, create desktop icon, launch on startup, update etc. Desktop applications are versatile and can be used offline when there is no internet connection.

Desktop apps are needed when the product requires integration with the external hardware (ie. USB, disk, printers, bluetooth etc) or the local network of the customer.

Technologies: Atom Electron, Squirrel, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, WebGL / ThreeJS, AngularJS, React Native, NPM, VueJS WebComponents, TypeScript, Flow, Babel, ES6, Redux, Webpack.

We also build and maintain custom made homepages, plugins for CRM’s and E-commerce. See more in our FAQ page

Areas of expertise

For most of our customers, we build web apps with custom features that fit their unique product vision & strategy.

  • Healthcare websites and patient portals;
  • eCommerce web apps / Online stores;
  • Booking platforms for hospitality companies;
  • Customer portals;
  • Saas platforms & industry-specific solutions;
  • Reporting UI;
  • Media & publishing apps;
  • Real-estate portals;
  • Custom solutions for retail;
  • B2B & B2C web applications;
  • Social network sites.

We care about

Your app is easy to use on all major
devices & screen sizes.
Fast UI & efficient battery use.
Your app works well with lots of
data & users.
Certified by authorised security audits.

End to end development

BusyMachines delivers end to end services to our customers. In many cases we build products that require a mix of expertise / skills and web development is just one of them. Our typical development teams also include expertise such as: Backend, QA, Mobile, PM, UI / UX design etc. We work in a close manner with our customers and decide together the most effective way in which we can build their dream team.

Recent web apps we’ve built


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