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Planning your first product as a startup, building a new product for your established company or interested in modernising an existing solution? We have the right design and software development expertise and are ready to build your next digital product or join your team remotely to help you scale up capacity.

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Why work with BusyMachines?

In the new digital economy, companies need great software for proper functioning and profitability. Digital transformation is all about using the latest technology to do what you already do even better. We have the knowledge and expertise in modern programming languages and platforms to help startups and growing companies build successful products.

Backend solutions that are made-to-last

We work on business-domains that are inherently complex and use the best tools that allow growth and maintenance. Our backend developers code mostly in Scala, a functional type-safe language that has been battle-tested in the industry.

Modern mobile & frontend development stack

The mobile and frontend development teams use the latest industry frameworks such as Angular, React, Flutter and React Native. We are always technically up-to-date and work with our UI/UX designers to build the smartest UX for our projects.

Scalable & efficient infrastructure management

Our infrastructure is focused on the cloud. BusyMachines engineers specialize on AWS and choose the best tools to make infrastructure management efficient and scalable.

A reliable software partner for every stage of your project

Your project will go through different phases on its way to launch. We’re in this with you, every step of the way, to take your idea from concept to production-ready product. Our passion for the job, good work ethic and dedication are part of the package when you work with us.

Technical business analysis

Requirements & mockups

Project management

Software architecture

UI/UX design

Software development

QA Testing


2nd level support

Recent projects we’ve built

  • Insignety

    Innovative 3D ring design software for personalised rings using biometric data and 3D printing.

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  • Europeana Collections

    Distributed web aggregator that archives 50M+ cultural artifacts from museums all across Europe.

    View project
  • Parcer

    Smart internet-connected postal box for seamless parcel delivery and pickups.

    View project
  • CareXS

    Medication management platform for healthcare facilities to reduce medication-related mistakes.

    View project

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