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IoT solutions for startups and mature businesses

We offer end-to-end software development services and build IoT solutions that enable business owners to gain data-driven insights and manage their hardware devices and data streams.  Our engineers deliver complexity in simple & powerful solutions.

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IoT is transforming the everyday physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives. From refrigerators to parking spaces to houses, the IoT is bringing more and more things into the digital fold every day, which will likely make the IoT a multi-trillion dollar industry in the near future.

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What makes
a good IoT platform?

Device management

Ensures the continous ability of the edge devices & platform endpoints to receive & send data, configurations and updates.

Connectivity management

Provides global access & security based on local communication infrastructure, protocols and regulations.

Application management

Reduced cost when developing and maintaining the IoT vertical business cases / apps for the actual paying customer.

Dashboard and reporting

Empowers the IoT solution provider or end user to create automated, repeatable and management-oriented summaries of IoT data.


Empower the decision makers by revealing insightful, actionable and predictive data; contextualizes the IoT data in social, historical and real-time contexts.

How do
IoT platforms work

IoT platforms are an essential component of any Internet of Things product. The software platform communicates with geographically-distributed sensors & wearables via local communication networks such as GSM / mobile, Bluetooth, Lora, SigFox or other M2M data infrastructures.

The platform can handle both the collection of the information streams and the control of remote devices: door locks, power switches, valves, engines etc. The control of remote devices is usually part of an automatic feedback loop or the action of a human operator.

The software platform delivers “end customer” business value via data aggregation, smart processing and feedback. In many cases, the business value of IoT resides in the optimisation of core business processes: energy consumption, logistics, security / access control, proactive asset maintenance. When building a consumer IoT product, the typical customer value consists in personal benefits: smaller costs, health monitoring, better communication, entertainment etc.

The actual electronic devices can be custom-built or just modified “off-the-shelf” products. IoT software platforms are usually hosted in the cloud, but in specific cases, the deployment can be moved on premise. The “end customer” uses the platform services via web or mobile applications. The user interaction is often focused on use case specific reporting and analytics.

Some of the technologies we use:

  • Scala
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch
  • Docker
  • Mesos
  • Marathon
  • DC/OS
  • AWS
  • Google Engine
  • Rackspace
  • Kafka
  • Spark
  • Hadoop

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IoT-based projects

  • Parcer

    Smart internet-connected postal box for seamless parcel delivery and pickups.

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  • DeviceXS

    Cloud IoT platform Generic IoT for businesses that want to manage and collect data streams from smart assets.

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  • Unlock

    Platform for secure managed access to smart locks for consumers and businesses.

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