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From startups to established companies, BusyMachines has helped dozens of companies achieve success. Most of our clients keep coming back as their businesses grow. It gives us great joy when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing us with their testimonials. Read some of them below.

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  • Parcer

    Utrecht, Netherlands

    "We needed to find technical partners able to translate a concept into a tangible solution, make use of the newest technology available and get the product to market fast. BusyMachines matched our needs and requirements."

    Hans van Nikkelen Kuijper

    CEO of Sesam Solutions

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  • Europeana Collections

    The Hague, Netherlands

    "BusyMachines brought a thorough understanding of technology to the table. They understand complexity, offer the right tools and are willing to go the extra mile."

    Pavel Kats

    CTO of Europeana

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  • CareXS

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "What I really appreciate is that the people at BusyMachines always do their best to deliver, they are very committed and I feel that our success is important to them. That makes BusyMachines a true business partner."

    Cliff Bos

    CEO of Connected Health Solutions

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  • Insignety

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "Top-notch skills, true commitment, and great support: BusyMachines is the ideal long-term collaboration partner. The entire process has been so organic; I have never felt that things were arduous or troublesome. BusyMachines was absolutely the right choice."

    CEO at Insignety


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  • Aurum Energie

    Enschede, Netherlands

    "BusyMachines is a flexible, innovative, and one-of-a-kind company. High quality solutions, an ability to empathize and competitive rates: BusyMachines stands out in every respect."

    Marcel Kampes

    Former Managing Director at Aurum Europe

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  • KareInn

    London, United Kingdom

    "The BusyMachines team was alert and dedicated to the project from start to finish. Their communicative nature and expertise fostered a successful collaboration. The finished app has caught the attention of many within the industry, leading it to be utilized for upcoming research efforts."

    Alexander Kenney

    Co-founder at KareInn

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  • Pointguard

    Uppsala, Sweden

    "We had very limited experience with software development, so we learned all the time. BusyMachines is very good at explaining, really helpful and the team is very dedicated."

    Jesper Flygt

    CEO of Pointguard

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  • DeviceXS

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "The BusyMachines team is very helpful, they truly take the time to understand our business and what we’re trying to achieve. That’s very beneficial. They’re not just typing code, but they actually manage to understand our business."

    André Schiretz

    CTO of AgileXS

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  • Moving Digital

    Delft, Netherlands

    "The BusyMachines team strived to deliver. The output satisfied requirements, while the team was motivated and easy to collaborate with."

    Lex Groenewegen

    CEO at Moving Digital

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  • taxiID

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "The app that BusyMachines built was well-received. Their expert team inspired confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start."

    Mewis Koeman

    Founder & Co-owner at taxiID

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  • Global food & beverage company


    "Both the quality and quantity of the work done by the BusyMachines team has been substantial. They’ve done an excellent job thus far of complying with requirements of the scope of work and meeting deadlines. "


    Health Economist

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  • NativeDSD


    "Their team was very flexible. The initial contract specified exactly what the project involved. When they started delivering builds, I would ask for changes or additional features. Their team was fine will all of it."

    Jonas Sacks

    CTO & Founder, NativeDSD

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  • Château Santé


    "They have a good balance between formal and informal communication."

    Paul Krabbe

    CEO of Château Santé

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