DevOps Services

Our DevOps developers take care of the entire software development cycle by choosing a proper infrastructure thus automating and monitoring the development process.

We are highly proficient with the DevOps tools and solutions including infrastructure as code software and software for automated deployment.

DevOps expertise

DevOps relies on standardization of environments and extensive automation throughout the development pipeline.

Continuous integration and delivery

Pipeline implementation (fully automated build-test-release process)

System administration


Maintaining and monitoring the health of servers and databases

Migration to the cloud

Move IT infrastructure to the cloud (AWS)

Infrastructure automation


For provisioning, configuration and maintenance of your IT infrastructure

Custom DevOps development

We create custom dashboards and microservices to ensure the infrastructure environment is optimally configured for your specific product

DevOps helps organisations to:

  • Deploy more often (and with a higher success rate);
  • Fix defects earlier and faster;
  • Booking platforms for hospitality companies;
  • Improve product quality;
  • Reduce time-to-market;
  • Better adapt to market needs;
  • Boost user satisfaction;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Improve teamwork.

Agile development process

We are a software development company hence we have adopted an Agile development process whereas DevOps is mandatory for the functioning of the Agile development because it enables all of the following

Separation of environments

Into development/test/staging/production is the first requirement for DevOps transformation.

Microservices architecture

Is an approach to building cloud-based software that consists of a large number of independent services.

Automated regression

Testing checks that updates to the code don’t break existing features. Ideally, regression testing should be fully automated so that QA could focus on new functionality.

Continuous integration

(CI) is one of the first steps in a DevOps strategy. CI allows developers to automatically build, test, and integrate new code into a common repository.

Continuous delivery

(CD) builds upon CI allowing you to deploy code to staging/production environments with little to no manual intervention.

DevOps tools used:

DevOps (‘development’ and ‘operations’) represents a culture that you can adopt for continuous improvement, aimed to unite the efforts of both developers and operations towards a common business goal.

Our approach is to base everything on Docker containers and use Docker Compose, AWS ECS (as we are specialized in AWS) and Kubernetes and its tools for orchestration and management. For monitoring we believe that a combination of Grafana, Prometheus, Graphite or Telegraf achieve the best results, while for automatization we focus on available native tools, e.g. AWS CLI, or infrastructure as code frameworks such as Ansible.

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