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We build top-notch software products and offer dedicated software teams to clients ranging from small startups to small & medium businesses. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each client and go to great lengths to minimise risks and avoid surprises. Find some of the clients who gave us permission to list them below.

Work with us
  • Insignety

    Jewelry • www.insignety.com

    End-to-end in-store design solution for the production of radically personalised & 3D printed jewelry.

  • InSocial

    Information Technology • www.insocial.eu

    InSocial helps companies conduct client satisfaction research that goes beyond the standard report card.

  • YAYA

    Clothing • www.yaya.nl

    Brand of quality goods.

  • Parcer (Sesam Solutions)

    Logistics • www.parcer.com

    Smart internet-enabled mailbox for seamless customer experience when sending and receiving parcels.

  • Moving Digital

    Real estate • moving.digital/en/

    SaaS products for the real estate market, focusing on buying and selling.

  • CatchUp

    Media & Publishing • getcatch-up.com

    Platform that aggregates products & events reviews from prestigious magazines and newspapers from all around the world.

  • SAP

    Information Technology • www.sap.com

    Market leader in enterprise application software.

  • We Are Perspective

    Information Technology • www.weareperspective.com

    Product design consultancy and hardware incubator with offices in Singapore and The Netherlands.

  • Europeana

    Media & Publishing • www.europeana.eu

    Distributed web aggregator (ie. like Google Images) that archives 50M+ cultural artefacts from thousands of museums and galleries all across Europe.

  • Kentivo

    Information Technology • www.kentivo.com

    Innovative technology for data management, analytics and governance.

  • Pointguard

    Logistics • www.pointguard.se

    Innovative company that focuses on developing, marketing and distributing illuminated signs and accessories for commercial vehicles.

  • CareXS (Connected Health Solutions)

    Healthcare • www.mediveilig.nl

    Software platform that enables the secure sharing of medical information between core participants in the home care process to stimulate safe use of medication.

  • BlueCielo

    Information Technology • www.bluecieloecm.com

    Solutions to manage engineering information throughout the asset lifecycle.

  • SafeFleet

    Information Technology • www.safefleet.eu

    Innovating telematics software in the field of M2M.

  • AgileXS

    Logistics • www.agilexs.com

    AgileXS offers smart solutions for stock management & replenishment, energy & sustainability and healthcare.

  • Magnetic.io

    Information Technology • www.magnetic.io

    Powerful and easy-to-use solutions to optimise modern architectures and systems, often based around microservices and/or containers.

  • Engie

    Energy • www.engie-ep.com

    European oil and gas company building on over 50-year experience.

  • Aurum

    Energy • www.aurumeurope.com

    An energy-tech company specialized in measuring gas consumption, electricity consumption, district heating and generation of solar panels in homes.

  • Realworks

    Real estate • www.realworks.nl

    Realworks is a young, dynamic organization that provides ICT services to all types of Real Estate Professionals.

  • NativeDSD

    Music • www.nativedsd.com

    NativeDSD offers the highest resolution music files, a one-stop shop for uncompressed, original recording quality sound.

  • TaxiID

    Information Technology • www.taxiid.eu

    An Amsterdam based company providing end-to-end cloud solutions for taxi companies.

  • Your Driver App

    Transport • www.yourdriverapp.com

    The leading easy-to-use dispatch and booking platform for taxi companies of any size.

  • HealthSnApp

    Healthcare • www.chateau-sante.info

    Enabling smart, easy and efficient measurement of health.