About us

Who we are

We’re a Dutch technology company creating friendly software for startups and forward-thinking companies

Our second home is Romania, where we have an ever-growing team of talented developers, project managers and designers, whose skills are perfectly matched to undertake challenging projects.

Nearshoring in Romania allows us to work with dedicated professionals, willing to buckle down, collaborate with clients and go the extra mile.

In a software-based economy, innovation makes all the difference

At BusyMachines, we build innovative software with a keen eye for design. We position ourselves as a technical partner for our clients and help them turn software innovation into business innovation.

4.5 Rating on Clutch, the B2B reviews & ratings company for IT & business services.

What makes us who we are

  • Strong background in software engineering

    We’re a diverse team of skilled software creators, founded by two engineers with a strong background in computer science and hardcore production environments.

  • Great place to learn

    We believe in the power of education, encourage self development and strive to make our workspace a great place to learn. We have our own internal library and stay up to date by reading books, blogs and experimenting with new tech.

  • No hierarchies

    We’re a flat company with minimal management approach and horizontal company structure. We’re delivery-oriented and guided by a strong sense of personal responsibility.

  • Located in a vibrant IT cluster

    Timisoara is renowned for its technical universities and vibrant IT community. We bring together the smartest developers, designers and project managers.

  • Open-source culture

    There is just too much to be learned when the competitive animosity is set aside. We contribute to open-source every month & our projects are heavily open-source based.

  • Only the best tech

    We love technology, so we use the latest hardware and software. Everyone’s free to choose their own tools, including laptop, headphones and other accessories.

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