End-to-End Product

The process that takes a project from the idea phase and passes it through all the steps of development, up to the final result, abides by the end-to-end principle.


Clickable demo

Discovery Phase

Proof of Concept

The concrete item after gathering requirements, the first palpable overview of the product, which goes beyond words and theory, and takes the form of the app to be, is the clickable demo.

The research stage at the beginning of each project defines its scope, volume and estimates its budget.

Whenever there is a need to convince investors and potential customers, a successful PoC is the way to go.

Great tool for
sales pitches

Helps dev team
understand the project

A powerful
marketing tool

Fully implemented POC or MVP
Solution deployed in a secured environment
System Requirements Specification
MVP Development Plan and Estimates
A PDF file containing all static UI screens
An editable (source) file – Adobe XD / Figma – containing both UI design and screens interactions







The end-to-end product brings about the outcome of a project and is thus more difficult to understand without a comprehensive partition

All the sections involved will go side by side during the development, as one step is the prerequisite of the other. At the very beginning, Discovery Phase, with Clickable Demo included, and MVP afterwards.

How we will work together

Free consultation

It’s the initial discussion(s), to get to know each other, the business model, sign the NDA, discuss your product/idea, and decide a way to move forward

Definition phase

It brings about clarity on your product, and turns it into graphical designs, lightweight specifications, estimates and a product release roadmap


Fast iterations (i.e sprints) which lead to a working product demo and eventually to a fully implemented minimum viable product, ready to be used by early adopters

Product launch

The solution is deployed in a secured and managed production environment, making the product ready to be used by real paying customers.

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