Backend Development Services

The backbone of your business should run on a robust technological ecosystem!

Our engineers have developed expertise with functional-programming and Scala as a pillar of backend-development, but we maintain flexibility in the tech-stack depending on specifics of the project and client.

Why Scala?

JVM-based language

Scala is a JVM-based language that successfully combines the functional and object-oriented paradigms. It allows us by design to eliminate a huge class of runtime bugs and build your system reliably.

Scala lives in a mature ecosystem of libraries allowing us to work at any scale of complexity.

A functional language

Coding with a functional language allows us to implement the right abstractions and domain model in order to code your backend and reliably get it to production.

The conciseness and flexibility of the language go hand in hand with its rigorous type safety that catches bugs before they go live.

We choose the best implementation strategy and programming language being guided by the complexity of the project and the company’s culture. See more in our FAQ page

No matter the project’s level of complexity, we provide the following services:

Backend server
Implementation for the FrontEnd and Mobile applications: business-logic, data-consistency, user-management
Cloud infrastructure AWS
We have engineers that are AWS-certified architects and use the platform to build reliable & scalable systems.
Backend System Integration
Integrate with 3rd party APIs, synchronize between data-sources;
API design & implementation
REST and GraphQL apis that can integrate with other systems

What you get with our backend team from BusyMachines

  • Architecture

    Whether it’s a monolithic MVP or a large microservice system with multiple integrations, our architects have designed it and our engineers have built it;

  • Code-Implementation

    We use mature languages and frameworks for writing the code that underlies your product’s behavior. Maintainability and reliability are our primary concern;

  • Testing & QA

    Correctness is ensured at code-level with mandatory unit and Integration tests. Our teams frequently include QA engineers that verify API behavior;

  • Data-Modeling

    We tailor the data-schema for your specific project. Depending on complexity, we sometimes integrate across data-stores for derived-data systems that support multiple query-patterns;

  • Scalability-by-design

    We architect the infrastructure to respond dynamically under load. As your business resizes and your user-base grows, our systems are responsive and cost-efficient;

  • Fault-tolerant Production Infrastructure

    Even in face of heavy testing, runtime errors and failures are part of the game. Our backends account for these and are designed to be self-healing to maintain High-Availability.

Some of our projects

Technologies we use

API styles

  • REST
  • GraphQL

Programming languages

  • Scala
  • Java
  • Typescript
  • PHP


  • MySQL
  • ElasticSearch
  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB


  • Typelevel stack
  • Laravel
  • Spring


  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


  • Spark
  • Kafka


  • AWS

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