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We take pride in our work and we trust that the projects we deliver solve complex, high volume problems. Some of these projects stand out and as such, we want to tell you their story. Take a look.


Jewelry • www.insignety.com

Platform that facilitates the creation of radically personalised & 3D printed jewelry. Full automated integration with high volume 3D printing systems. End to end software solution for jewellers and jewelry buyers.
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Internet of Things • www.parcer.nl

Software & hardware solution for an internet connected large postal box. The platform integrates with eCommerce and delivery operators to allow seamless parcel delivery and returns/pickups.

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Healthcare • www.mediveilig.nl


Software platform for the secure sharing of medical information between core participants in the home care process: patient, family, general practitioner, pharmacist & home care assistant/nurse. The platform integrates with several third party medical solutions and hardware devices.

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Media & Publishing • www.placert.com

Placert adds “soft data” to a house listing by asking the owner and their social network to endorse or add features, share photos and videos, pinpoint interesting spots on an interactive map and share nice memories/anecdotes. It’s showing potential buyers the “soft side” of the house, data delivered by actual persons. Personal endorsements that turn a house into a home.

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Healthcare • www.fdcbv.nl

Pharma solution that automates the medicine delivery process end to end: pharmacists, patients & insurance companies. The software optimizes the logistics of high volume (ie. thousands of prescriptions per batch) medicine delivery for large senior / assisted living homes.

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Europeana Collections

Media & Publishing • www.europeana.eu

Distributed web aggregator (ie. like Google Images) that archives 50M+ cultural artifacts from thousands of museums all across Europe. The access to the archive is provided via the web portal & open API’s to game studios, virtual museums/galleries, researchers & the public at large.

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Aurum Energie

Tech Sector • www.aurumeurope.com


Software & hardware solution for real-time monitoring of gas & electricity meters. The platform advises home & businesses users how to meet their saving targets & uses historical data to provide projections of future energy expenses.

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Media & Publishing • www.getcatch-up.com

Consumer app that aggregates products & events reviews from prestigious magazines, newspapers from all around the world. Users can save favourites, get updated on reviews that match their interest and buy directly from the app.

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Internet of Things • www.agilexs.com/vending

Cloud IoT platform targeted for technology companies and client solutions that want to easily spin their own vertical IoT solutions or end customers looking to get a hold on their smart assets, events and data

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Logistics • www.pointguard.se

Software & hardware solution for internet connected smart taxi signs. The iTopLight smart sign can display dynamic text messages & logos: taxi status, offers, geo relevant ads etc.

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