Big Data Solutions for startups and mature businesses

We build big data solutions that take care of your large data streams and deliver valuable insights. We have experience with big data projects that include search systems, data science, recommendation systems, chatbots and more.


What makes a good Big Data solution?

  • Large data sets

    Collection & storage of thousands or millions of GB’s of data—sensors, user behavior or transactional data.

  • Fast processing

    Provide near real-time reports, analytics & processing over relevant segments of the data set.

  • Easy to scale

    The infrastructure and deployment can be scaled depending on ever-changing tradeoffs between business goals and costs.

  • Ease of access

    Large data sets can be used easily by different parts of the organisation or external parties.

  • Secure

    Access to data is controlled via a flexible and data-oriented security model.

The Big Data solution we can build for you

Big data is an essential component in the software products of the new digital economy: the sharing economy, personalisation of user experience, fraud detection, recommendation systems, Internet of Things etc.

  • Primary Data

    The solution always involves the collection and storage of large streams of primary data.

    These streams contain information with a wide variety of domain-specific properties:

  • Sensor data

    (ie. temperature, acceleration, light)

  • Mobile / Web user behavior

    (ie. clicks, page visits)

  • Public Data

    (ie. weather, traffic, geo)

  • Transactional Data

    (ie. purchase orders, payments, user registration)

  • It’s common that different types of streams are provided by different sources

    (geographically distributed sensors, web portals, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, external partners etc.) and the solution will require a robust integration layer.

Big Data Processing

Big data processing is about joining, filtering and applying transformations on the primary data streams. The processing can be made so fast as to be considered almost real time. In practice, a business will choose a tradeoff between processing speed and infrastructure costs. The product team will decide what is the “right speed” for each individual use case.

The output of processing consists in derived (ie. secondary, tertiary etc) data streams. These resulting data streams power automatic or user feedback loops and various types of data reporting.

Why choose a Big Data solution?

  • Recommendations based on usage / purchase history;

  • Personalization of the user interface;

  • Social / peer matching;

  • Aggregate or trends analysis;

  • Business analysis dashboards;

Many companies use the power of big data to engage with their users in a deeper way, increase conversions and leverage the networking effects inside their products.

Technologies: Cassandra, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Mesos, Marathon, DC/OS, Google Engine, Rackspace, Kafka

Recent Big Data Solutions we’ve built


Europeana Collections

Distributed web aggregator that archives 50M+ cultural artifacts from museums all across Europe.

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Aurum Energie

Energy consumption monitoring platform for real-time monitoring of gas & electricity meters.

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Cloud IoT platform Generic IoT for businesses that want to manage and collect data streams from smart assets.

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